Evolving Community


Each Atelier House is a unique version of the type, designed for its inhabitants. A community of Atelier Houses is collection of nuanced differences, rather than radical differences or monotonous repetition. 

The Atelier House design strategy enables an evolution of the community over time, instead of the execution of a one time rigid plan, resulting in a richer, more layered collective in the manner of old villages.

The technologies embedded in each house can be networked in order to create a smart collective, which optimises waste management and energy consumption, and enhances the social sustainability and social life of the community.



A Visionary Community Thirty Minutes from Central Helsinki.

Ateljé Sotamaa is working with the master planner and visionary landowners in order to develop a new seaside community 30 minutes west of central Helsinki based on the Atelier House philosophy. The construction on the site is estimated to begin in the Autumn of 2016. The overall constructions rights are approximately 16 780 m2.

Please email info(at)sotamaa.net for more information.

Intelligent and weather adaptive street and yard lighting / Waste level detection to optimize the trash collection routes / Location and real-time specific infomation on trafic, environment and services / Geothermal heating / Common fiber optical network / Quality control of water and air / Services for social spaces / Service portal / Utilization control of shared spaces and areas / Smart locking system for shared spaces / Communiction, information and control systems / Shared services, e.g. child care / Embedding information to the environment to e.g. increase environmental awareness   / Shared remote services / Recycling